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BAA Development

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The core of Boston Athletic Academy will be our membership and mentoring program, offering student athletes of all ages after school training in the sport of their choice, combined with intensive academic tutoring – both content and skill based – at the appropriate grade level. Members will participate in our academic success program, designed to prepare student-athletes for the rigors of college coursework while providing guidance and assistance throughout the college application process, including standardized test preparation, college visits, and interviews, and writing application essays. We will work individually with each of our members to develop a plan for college and career readiness that best fits their academic and athletic goals.


Each BAA Youth Participant are given the opportunities to learn from teachers, community leaders, working professionals, athletes, and more.

We share with them our experiences, resources, and knowledge of life and sports.

Required Age Minimum: 9yrs old


It's important that our BAA Youth Participants understand that they have the potential to be the absolute best at what they love to do.

. We work closely with our youth to push them beyond just "potential" -  coaching them towards excellence; strengthening their

confidence; and teaching them how to be successful through sports.

Required Age Minimum: 9yrs old


  • Provide support throughout the college search and application process, beginning in ninth grade

  • Help student-athletes fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

  • Facilitate communication between college advisors, student-athletes, and family

  • Engage college admissions staff on behalf of student-athletes

  • Offer private tutoring in any high school subject and for SAT, ACT, and SAT II subject tests

  • Build a profile for each applicant, including a highlight video and academic transcripts

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