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Golf Fundraiser Sponsorship

2022 BAA Golf -61.jpg

Boston Athletic Academy hosts its
6th Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser

The Boston Athletic Academy (BAA) is excited to host our 6th Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser on Friday, August 18th @7am at George Wright Golf Course in Hyde Park.


The Boston Athletic Academy continues its commitment to educating and training student athletes in an environment that recognizes their culture, language, customs, and more importantly, their growth potential as individuals. Our sports and education facility located in Hyde Park fills a void left by other organizations may be too expensive for low-income families, or too ill-equipped to understand and address individuals and their families’ specific needs. 


At the BAA, we’re fortunate and thankful to have the cultural comprehension and affordability to serve Boston youth. With your participation in our tournament this is year, we’ll be able to proudly continue our mission.


Swing for the kids. In response to community concerns regarding disparities in recreational programs for inner city children, the Boston Athletic Academy was organized. With a focus on youth development, the BAA designed activities for student-athletes to advance through athletics and academics. Every child deserves a shot at their own World Series. Your support helps make that a reality.


Together let’s keep our kids out of trouble, on the field, and in the classroom.

See below for our sponsorship levels. All proceeds contribute to sponsor baseball training, learning activities, and participation for local student-athletes throughout Boston.

Event Sponsor | $25,000

Logo on BAA Website and Event Page. Logo on Sponsor Wall at Facility

Home Run Sponsor | $12,500

Logo on BAA website and Event Page. Name on Baseball Uniforms


Triple sponsor | $10,000

Name on 2024 Baseball cards, Logo on Event Page


Doubles Sponsor | $7,500

Logo on Baseballs/Softballs used by BAA participants


Singles Sponsor | $5,000

Logo on Event Page. Custom BAA Bat


Lunch Sponsor | $5,000

Logo at Lunch. Custom BAA Bat

Gift Sponsor | $4,000

Logo on Event Page

Hole Sponsor | $2,500

Logo on Tee Boxes

Breakfast Sponsor | $2,500

Logo at Breakfast

Mulligan Sponsor | $2,500

Logo on Mulligan Chips

Ball Sponsor | $2,500

Logo on Balls

Cart Sponsor | $2,500

Logo on all golf carts

Closet to the Pin | $1,000

Sign with Logo

Longest Drive | $1,000

Sign with Logo

*All sponsorships include a foursome registration.*
Please provide requested information below.

BAA Event Sponsorship

Thank you for your charitable support.

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